5 Fun Date Ideas

Dating / Marriage / Uncategorized Michelle Lindsey May 15, 2013

When we go on a date, it’s usually dinner and a movie. As fun as that can be, it feels too routine. I am ready for a little pizazz. I am sure we can benefit from a few unique outings. It’s easy to get into a rut, so I made a list of five fun things we are going to do by the end of summer. I have decided to share them with you, in case you also need a little inspiration.

1. Paintballing:

I am so wimpy. This will be a real stretch for me, but I think it will be worth it. We are so serious all the time, we need to be silly. Scott jokingly said he would prefer we go do this after a fight. He is just so funny… Maybe I will have to go practice a few times so I have some technique to fall back on. Maybe I will get really good, and then start an argument out of the blue..however it works out, I am sure it will be memorable!

2. Wine and Cheese Tasting:

We have been saying we want to do this for years. Why haven’t we just done it? We might be the only couple in their 40’s who haven’t. I can’t wait. I am going to wear a classy outfit and leave my rubber chicken purse at home. This will be a sophisticated date. We will listen to classical music in between stops and talk about books and independent films. Scott lived in Europe for a few years as a child, and has loved good cheese ever since. It’s high time this became one of our hobbies.

3. Geocaching:

We have done this, but we have only gone with our kids, and that is more like mobilized chaos. We can’t enjoy opening the hidden box because there are forty little fingers already there, swiping the goods. If you don’t know what geocaching is, you have to try it.  It’s  like a treasure hunt, without the gold. The thrill is in the chase. Scott calls it “hiking with purpose.” He much prefers to have a reason to walk far. I plan on packing snacks, and finding some more challenging caches. All you need is a GPS, a geocaching account, some small prizes, and a tiny dose of patience.

4. Serving Others:

This kind of date has the potential of creating a wonderful kind of closeness. We both enjoy talking to the residents at the nursing home when we visit Scott’s grandmother. It makes us feel more connected to each other, and to those we are spending time with. It just feels nice to slow down, and serve others, especially together. I plan on finding a place we can work side by side, lending a hand. Our very first date was a day trip to a tiny village in Mexico. It was so neat cooking food with the locals, and playing with the kids. I think this will be rewarding and will remind us of those special times we had years ago.

5. Overnight Camping Surprise:

I will set up a little camping spot beforehand, tell him to hop in the car, and whisk him away to the woods. Scott loves gourmet food, so I will plan a fancy, gluten-free meal to cook over the fire. Then we will play cards, stargaze, and sleep in the next day. I realize he will probably read this, so it’s no longer a surprise, but the time and place will be. The other surprise will be me getting the tent up without him there to help.

So, that’s my plan. Do you have creative date ideas you would like to share? Feel free to leave a comment!