Letter To My Husband

Uncategorized Michelle Lindsey May 4, 2013

Dear Scott,

I have come to an amazing realization. We do everything big. We love big, we fight big, we parent big, we entertain big….it’s part of our personalities, and frankly, I am not going to feel sorry for it anymore.

We have been through so much. We have built a family together in spite of coming from broken homes. God has held us together and has been our example of what a covenant is. We argue over such stupid things. (Remember when we argued over, “if the world was worse now, or worse when Noah lived?”) We both love to be right and both dig our heels in deep. But you know what? I kind of like who we are. We have amazing kids, our home is a hub of excitement, and we are just plain fun. Instead of feeling like something is wrong with us, I have come to realize we are fabulous and slightly crazy. I love that about us.

Let’s never change. Let’s always have impromptu arm wrestling tournaments at the dinner table. Let’s never stop having all of our kid’s friends over for days at a time. Let’s always have a pickle ball court taped off in our driveway. Please keep going overboard on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, even though I tell you I don’t need a thing. Let’s adopt a million more times. I want to always laugh loud with you. I love our Indian-food feasts we have with our family members. Because the food we make is always the best and most amazing food ever to cross anyone’s lips.  I like that you never get stressed out about having 80 people over for dinner. And that you clean up while I chat with our guests. That used to bother me, but now I am just grateful. Thanks for humoring me by building Grecian columns for the ancient history party I threw for our homeschooling group. I went overboard, but that’s part of our charm, going overboard.

I love you and I am thankful that God saw fit to give me a husband who is organized and detailed even if it drives me crazy at times. Because I need to be able to find my car keys and see out of the lenses of my glasses. I think it’s great that God gave you a wife who wears her heart on her sleeve. I know I have drawn you out of your shell and helped you become more touchy-feeley. It took twenty years for us to find our groove, but it was worth the wait. Yes, I know we still fight, and I hate that, but we are learning to resolve better. We are using kinder words and seem to be getting more productive and less defensive. It is encouraging for me to see this process unfold and gives me hope for not only our marriage but for other marriages as well. It’s exciting to see the gospel at work. Chaos and all.

You get cuter each year you walk this earth, and I am proud to be your wife. I am so looking forward to our next chapter of life, which will probably include Grandchildren! I can’t wait to experience that with you. Seriously, how much fun will that be? Grammy and Pops, that’s what our grand-kids should call us. I can already envision them coming over for little sleepovers, with their backpacks in hand.

Thank you for being stubbornly in love with me, and most of all, with Jesus. We have found ourselves hanging by a thread many times, but underneath us, was a giant, grace-woven net, ready to catch us if we fell.

I seriously love being Mrs. Lindsey, and everything that brings with it,