Pioneer Woman Envy

Uncategorized Michelle Lindsey May 10, 2013

I really wanted a new camera.

I used to have a good camera that worked great, but it was never the same after one of our kids used it for a photography class. Scott just couldn’t accept that the camera was a goner. He had spent a lot on it, and wasn’t ready to let it go. I explained it didn’t even turn on anymore. He told me to just call a camera shop and ask them if they could fix it. I finally did that. I was told that the best possible thing I could do with my Nikon D70, was put it in a museum because it was a dinosaur. I wasn’t trying to be ungrateful. I know my treasures are really laid up in heaven, but I do happily drive around in a gold minivan, so can I just be a little picky about this?  I had two main reasons for needing a good camera.

1. I want to capture my children’s childhood.

2. I want to use my own gorgeous pictures for our blog, because I am sure that is one reason why Pioneer Woman is so successful.

Soon after realizing our old camera needed to be put out to pasture, my dad came to visit.

He had his snazzy camera, and I was getting tired of listening to his bragging. I wasn’t really that interested in all of his settings and buttons. I think he caught on, because he told me to just go get a camera. SHEESH. I explained to him that life wasn’t that simple and we had to pay for braces and groceries and hairspray.

That day, I got a text message from Scott.

He told me he was signing me up for the writing course I had been wanting to take because he wanted to support me, and he feels I have the capacity to speak into other women’s lives and make a difference. That was sweet. I was so touched. But in my mind, I calculated that the writing class was not much less than a camera- and beautiful pictures would make women happy. There are bloggers out there, that take pictures of table legs and dragonflies, and get 10,000 likes. I had to figure out this mystery. And I thought I should honor my father, and totally listen to his advice.

When Scott arrived home that evening, I asked him if we could just please get a new camera instead. I had my heart set on a Cannon because I felt the Nikon had betrayed me, in a way. The problem was, we already had quite a few great lenses for our old camera, so I told him I would agree to get another Nikon, if that meant I could actually stop using my iphone to take pictures at the pumpkin patches and babies births.

“Is that what you really want? A camera more than a writing class?” he asked. He looked very kind, sitting at the foot of the bed, his blue eyes staring at me. He had that slight smile on his face that means he is about to cave. It also means he finds me slightly annoying at that moment, but also kind of cute. I figured it was the best time to go for it. I said, “Yes. For our blog…for Nitty Gritty Love, Babe.

He agreed, and I did a happy dance.

We found a smoking deal on a Nikon7000 on Craigslist. I went out to the kitchen to share the great news with my Dad. Part of the deal, was that I would kick in $300 from my grocery account to help pay for it. I informed the whole family that we would eat great for one week, then it would be eggs from the chicken house, and whatever was left of the cow in the freezer. And maybe a few oranges or apples here and there. I told them it would be worth it. I explained to them that I am horrible at saving up for things, so this was the only way. They agreed, mainly because what choice did they have. It would be an adventure, I told them. And we would have free fun for a couple of weeks, like gardening and hiking.

Two days later I had my camera. It was so exciting. I promptly took it outside to take some pictures for my blog post that day. I had just written a heartfelt post to Scott and wanted a picture that reflected my words to him. I brought a white wrought iron cross outside and sat it on a pretty stump at the edge of our yard. I knelt down and got ready to shoot. I saw my dad smiling at me through the window. I waved and then hunched way down to concentrate. I snapped a few pictures and then looked at my handiwork. I immediately realized something. Not only do you need a great camera for amazing pictures, you also need a little raw talent. Or photoshop. Of which I have neither. The picture didn’t look abstract or deep. It looked like I placed a cross on a stump and took a picture.

A couple of days later, “Nikon for Dummies,” arrived on my doorstep.

That Scott is always one step ahead of me. The thing I am most happy about, is his willingness to help me with the things I enjoy. I am glad he is trying to support me in this way. I may not rival Pioneer Woman, and my pictures are badly done, but, I have the tools I need to learn. For that, I am grateful! Bear with me, as you watch me figure this process out. And thanks Scott, for upgrading the camera. And sorry kids, for the scrambled egg dinners you will have for the next three days.