10 Things My Husband Might Not Know

Marriage Michelle Lindsey March 25, 2013
10 Things My Husband Might Not Know

10 Things My Husband Might Not Know

Complimenting your husband is so important. It makes him feel appreciated and loved. No else can build him up quite like you do, so be sure to compliment him daily!

I decided to make a list of 10 things my husband might not know I love about him:

  1. Sometimes I try to make him smile, just so I can see his dimple on his right cheek pop out.
  2. I love his sense of style. The first thing I noticed about him was his stylish clothing.
  3. When I see his name pop up in a text message, I still get a small thrill in my stomach.
  4. His attention to detail amazes me and frustrates me all at the same time.
  5. I think he is incredibly talented at his job.
  6. I love watching him sing while he mows the lawn.
  7. He is such an amazing writer with great insight. It always impresses me and makes me a little envious.
  8. I appreciate his logic. It pairs so nicely with my emotional meltdowns. If I am a roller coaster, he is an anchor. Fun and steady, that’s us.
  9. I love that he is a clean freak. I used to get offended, but now I’m grateful.
  10. He rocks that beard. Not many guys can wear a beard as well as he can.

Tell us something you love about your husband, and be sure to tell him too!


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