3 Things to Remember on Your Wedding Day

Marriage Tayler Beede February 28, 2013


1. Your emotions might get the best of you.

My entire wedding day, I felt like crying my eyes out. I wasn’t sad, and I wasn’t really sure where they were coming from—yet they were constantly welled up in my eyes. I think part of it was because I was in shock that the day had finally come. We had been engaged for just over a year, and at some points it felt like that day would never come. I was in a daze. It didn’t seem real. Everything made me cry. Looking back, these are some of the most precious tears I’ve ever cried. I cried because of how beautiful everything was. I cried because my dad wrote the most beautiful toast a daughter could ask for. And most of all, I was cried because I couldn’t believe how blessed I was to be marrying Kyle.

2. Things will go wrong.

I went into my wedding day telling myself that if things went wrong I was going to let them roll off my back. However, when the limo was 15 minutes late, I started to freak out. And when the kissing wands were on the chairs instead of the tables, I freaked out a little more. And when the zipper on my dress got stuck and caused the ceremony to begin 30 minutes late, I started to have a breakdown. Then I walked down and aisle and saw Kyle. And nothing else mattered. From that point on, it was just a wonderful celebration and it didn’t matter what went “wrong.” This was our day, and it was beautiful. And we were married. That first half of the day no longer mattered. All I could see was Kyle.

3. The day will truly fly by.

I remember wives telling me how quickly their wedding days flew by, but I didn’t realize just how fast it would fly by. I wish I had known not to let the little things get to me. I wish I had known to spend every moment cherishing what was happening, rather than worrying that I would forget something, or that one of the vendors wouldn’t show up, or that one of the bridal party members would be late. None of those things mattered. What mattered was treasuring every moment with my amazing husband and the people we love.

Things went wrong, and unexpected turns were inevitable, but when Kyle and I look back and reminisce, our day was perfect. As time goes on, we remember the most beautiful parts of our day and slowly forget all the tiny mishaps. I look back on our beautiful wedding day, and thank God for bringing us together.

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