A Quick Way to End an Argument

Marriage Tayler Beede December 6, 2014

a quick way to end an argumentThis summer we decided to get our little mini aussie puppy. It stressed me out BEYOND belief. Like, seriously people. I stressed out more about getting baby Oakley than I stressed about brain surgery. Seeing that little six-pound puppy running around our house (whom I couldn’t control) nearly made me go crazy.

Fast forward seven months and I think I’m finally to the point where I’d cry if he got hit by a car. He’s a wonderful dog, except for one tiny thing . . . if he thinks you’re upset with him, there’s a 65% chance he’ll pee.

Last night I realized I needed to apply his flea medicine since he’s going to hang out at Kyle’s parents’ house this weekend. I told him to “stand and stay” and for some reason, he thought he was in trouble . . .

*Cue uncontrollable peeing*

*Kyle walks in*

“What did you do to him!?”

“I told him to stand and stay!”

*I move him two feet across the room and tell him to stand again*

*More uncontrollable peeing*

“OAKLEY, STOP!” (wise, I know)


*This pattern a few more times until our kitchen floor is soaked*

“Tayler, stop snapping at him, he’ll just keep peeing!”


Our little weirdo after he got neutered
Our little weirdo after he got neutered (he would NOT stay away from those stitches)

At this point I was so pissed (pun intended) at Oakley AND Kyle, I was ready to banish both of them to the dog house. But surely Oakley was out of pee. Kyle and I start arguing and it gets louder, and louder, and louder. I’m holding Oakley up by his front legs so just his back legs are on the ground (trying to prevent pee spread) and he starts projectile peeing.

Kyle looks at me and busts out laughing. I can’t resist but do the same.

The lesson? Life’s freaking hard sometimes. We’ve walked through struggles I never imagined, and have more to come. So when it’s the middle of finals week, I’ve been battling anxiety without much sleep, and our house is trashed, we just have to take moments like this and laugh.

Things are stressful for us right now, and having a wild puppy who can’t control his bladder just adds to the mess. But we’ll look back on this evening and laugh for years to come.

So save the stress for things that actually matter. (Or don’t stress at all! Yeah, right.) Don’t let daily mishaps cause friction. God has already taken care of everything. Trust him, and try see the humor in your day-to-day life. And if all else fails, just start laughing. Someday it will be a happy, distant memory.