The Added Stressors Military Couples Face—And One Way You Can Help

Marriage Michelle Lindsey December 10, 2015

military coupleMilitary families are close to my heart. My husband served in the the United States Air Force for the first eight years of our marriage. He spent two years away from us while being stationed in South Korea. I will never forget how hard that was, watching him walk away from me, knowing he wouldn’t be back for a whole year.

It felt so overwhelming and scary. The days seemed longer and the months passed slowly. We endured this before the internet, so we only were able to enjoy one 30 minute phone call each month. We had virtually no contact. We even communicated via morse code. I guess that was tweeting in the 90’s.

When opened up the catalog for Samaritan’s purse and browsed through the gifts, I was so excited to see the opportunity to bless a military marriage this Christmas.

These men and women give so much to us, as they devote their lives to America. So many have suffered physically and emotionally while serving. Keeping a strong marriage in the midst of deployments is difficult. Marriage is hard enough without being apart from each other. Marriage is hard enough without the worries that come with dangerous situations. Being a military wife is often lonely and stressful, so any time together is precious.

I am excited to give back in this way. Through your gifts, they cover all the costs—including transportation, lodging, and activities—so that these couples can enjoy a refreshing week in Alaska, learn how to strengthen their marriages, and grow closer to the Lord.

This is a gift that will undoubtedly bless military marriages. It’s a gift that will spill over into the lives of their children and family members. Donating will provide the gift of time away together. These couples need this chance to connect and build a strong friendship together. I know from experience, military families are often away from extended family members, and usually carry all the responsibility of raising a family on their own. I am grateful to be able to support them in this small way. This is my way of thanking them for what they do for our country and it’s citizens.

1406CB-F-2074 copyAnd this is only one way you can donate! The Samaritan’s Purse gift catalog features 42 gifts that you can purchase to help people in need and share the Gospel.

Gifts range in price, starting at just $7, and include things like purchasing baby chicks for $14 so that an impoverished family has an ongoing source of nutrition and supplemental income or spending $25 to provide warm clothes and shoes to families fleeing to safety in northern Iraq.

We’re excited to partner with Samaritan’s Purse to spread the word about blessing others this Christmas. Check it out and see if there is anything that stands out to you. From refugee relief, to donating farm animals, to providing care for hungry children, there are so many life changing ways to bless others this Christmas season.