Weekly Challenge: Pray For Him Whenever You’re Waiting in Line

Weekly Challenge Michelle Lindsey July 19, 2013

I hate grocery shopping

We have a lot of kids, and our kids have a lot of friends. You can usually find me making food for all of these people. It seems like the second my sink is finally clean, it’s time to think about the next meal. The other day I found myself asking God why He didn’t create us to simply absorb our nutrients from the air? No dishes, no messes, and most of all, no grocery store trips.

I have recently discovered that I detest going to the grocery store. I will do anything I can to avoid it these days. I will text my husband and ask him to get, “a few things.” I will bribe my teenage son to do a quick store run for me, and then send him with a list a mile long. Am I getting burned out? I used to like grocery shopping, and made my lists with little columns and check marks. Now, I’d be thrilled if airplanes could just drop crates of food in my yard as they flew by. I have even pulled into the grocery store parking lot, parked, stared at the entrance for a few minutes, and then decided we could again eat omelets for dinner, and drove home. I am so glad we have chickens, because those eggs have come in so handy and they are right in my back yard.

I decided to stop being negative

I stood in the long line, blinking slowly as we inched forward. My husband came to mind, and I asked God to bless him for all of the store trips he has done. I kept praying for him until it was my turn to pay. The next time, I prayed for him again until I was face to face with the checker. I felt like my tired legs and my frazzled thoughts didn’t matter so much. I was really happy as I walked to the van. I prayed at red lights, gas lines, and any other time I was at a standstill. Thankfully, but my bad attitude about grocery shopping turned around some.

Americans spend 37 billion hours each year waiting in lines

According to The New York Times, Americans spend 37 billion hours each year waiting in lines. That’s a lot of waiting, and most people dread waiting in lines. Studies show people would rather be in a long fast moving line, than a short line that doesn’t budge. It makes some people feel trapped and even a bit frantic. Why not put some of those hours to good use? I look forward to these little slices of time I have found to lift my husband up in prayer. My best intentions many times fail when it comes to praying for others, so I am glad for this reminder, as silly as it may sound.

“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

 Weekly challenge: Pray for your husband whenever you wait in line this week.

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