Weekly Challenge: Put Away Your Phone and Enjoy Your Husband

Weekly Challenge Tayler Beede August 9, 2013

It’s hard to remember what life was like without a cellphone. After all, my iPhone is always by my side. It’s attached to my arm at the gym, it’s on my desk while I’m at work, it’s next to me on the couch while I’m watching TV, it’s on the table next to my plate while I’m eating dinner, and it’s on my nightstand as I’m falling asleep.

I’ll often find myself mindlessly scrolling through my Facebook news feed while Kyle and I are out to dinner. I frequently check my emails while we’re hanging out at home. Instead of enjoying the beautiful views while we’re hiking or skiing, I take pictures to upload to Instagram.

This week I got to work one day and realized I had left my phone at home. I even contemplated driving home to get it, which would have easily taken 40 minutes. I decided not to, simply because I didn’t have time. How sad that my gut reaction was to drive home and get it even though I didn’t need it. I felt completely out of sorts all day.

I’m trying to detach myself from my devices, and it’s harder than I’d like to admit. I even . . . *gasp* . . . deleted my Facebook app. I’m working myself towards maybe even deleting Instagram and/or Twitter for awhile.

I’d challenge you to do the same. Maybe Facebook isn’t your problem, but seriously keep an account on how much you use your phone. Make some goals for yourself, and stick to them. See how it affects your marriage!

Weekly challenge: only use your cellphone for necessary reasons this week.

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