Weekly Challenge: Relax with Your Husband

Marriage Tayler Beede July 2, 2013

Life gets busy, and commitments get in the way of spending quality time with your husband. Sometimes Kyle and I can’t even believe it when the week is over—time flies when you’re busy. This busyness can drive a wedge between us. We end up feeling distanced, stressed, and irritable.

This past weekend Kyle and I went over to Port Townsend for the weekend to stay at a Bed and Breakfast for our anniversary. It’s crazy how time truly seemed to slow down. We were forced to relax and rest. The stresses of work and home were left behind, and it was just us. We hadn’t had downtime like this in months. I so enjoyed just chatting and rejuvenating, and we came back feeling refreshed and relaxed. We would never have rested like this at home!

If you don’t make time for peace and quiet, it probably won’t happen. There are always chores to be done and errands to be run. It’s tempting to get up and work rather than rest, but resting and spending time with your husband is important.It doesn’t take going away for the weekend to get rejuvenated.

Go for an evening walk, a picnic, or a hike. Take a day and force yourselves to relax. And don’t feel guilty about everything you’re not getting done, just enjoy quality time with your husband.

Challenge: Set aside a few hours (or even an entire day!) this week to relax with your husband.

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