Why the Ashley Madison Scandal Shouldn’t Surprise You

Faith / Marriage Michelle Lindsey August 28, 2015

Why the Ashley Madison Scandal Shouldn't Surprise YouWait. I’m confused.

So, everyone is shocked about Ashley Madison, a site that encourages illicit relationships?

I am more than a little amazed at this strange dynamic for two reasons.

1. Our culture is obsessed with sex.

Addicted. It’s everywhere we look. Billboards, internet, movies, music, fashion, television, books, magazines, and even Disney shows exude sensuality for goodness sake. We are up to our eyeballs in sex.

According to the site Just One Click Away, one in every four searches online are for pornography. 56% of divorces say one partner was obsessed with it. Every second 30,000 people are viewing it, and the average age of a first time viewer is 11. We are so used to being exposed to it, we are becoming desensitized. Every generation has its struggles, and one of ours is an obsession with sex.

2. Our culture tells us to “Follow our hearts”

Do what makes you happy! Chase those dreams and don’t let anything stand in your way. If you fall out of love, look elsewhere because you DESERVE to feel happy. Life is too short to spend it unhappy!

And so we do follow our hearts. We go from person to person, thing to thing, desperately trying to find happiness. Our emotions are counted on to make our decisions for us. Lasting, longterm choices, all based on what we feel, or do not feel. It’s encouraged, it’s applauded, it’s the norm. It matters not the path of destruction we leave behind us, all that matters is that new dream, new love, or new life.

So. With that said…why are we shocked that millions of names have been released from the Ashley Madison site? Why are we making little maps, and typing in email addresses so we can all be shocked together at how terrible these people are?

These people have in fact, displayed terrible actions by doing this, but broken people living in a difficult culture do stupid things to satisfy this craving for sex, and this “follow your heart” mentality. Hello! It is a very obvious conclusion to a really messed up problem.

When will we finally agree that we need more than what other selfish humans have to offer?

I hope this whole mess has been a wake-up call to local churches. There are millions of people who are clearly hurting and in need of truth. Are we directly addressing these issues? Are we going to keep pretending?

Sexual immorality is the secret sin that slinks around in darkness.

It feeds on staying unseen. It’s the sin that sits in the front pew and hides behind the church bulletin. It’s possibly the most difficult sin to confess, because even though we are all up to our eyeballs in it, to confess it means you wear an icky label. It means you are way worse than the gossipers and liars. You are immoral. You are tainted, so you stay quiet, alongside of millions.

But eventually, it is exposed and in it’s place leaves shame, guilt, and misery. It also leaves the person struggling alone, oftentimes. But for the Christian, there is a place to bring this painful, tangled mess of sin. Jesus. He can handle it for you, and already did. On the Cross. The Cross that made you free from sin.

You aren’t too far gone to find redemption. You aren’t beyond forgiveness. Yes, you have to call it what it is, and repent and ask God to change your heart, but there is hope.

So let’s all stop acting horrified at each other’s sinful nature. View our lives through the lens of the Gospel, because we all need forgiveness and reconciliation. This world is upside-down. When I heard about the Ashley Madison scandal, I wasn’t shocked at all. Given our current culture, it’s only logical that a hyper sexualized culture would cause moral failure in people.

If your name is on the list, run to Jesus.

If your spouse’s name is on the list, run to Jesus.

If you think you would never stoop so low as those other schmucks, run to Jesus, but maybe a little bit faster.

“I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” —John 16:33